Yeshiva Merkaz Hatorah

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Merkaz Hatorah is a mainstream yeshiva and Kolel with a variety of learning and hashkafa options. It is a place where one can work on their torah and spiritual growth, while also learning the life skills necessary to succeed.

The Grove

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The grove is a place to belong. Whether you are living here because you have no where else to be or just dropping by, The Grove is your home away from home.

The Grove Treeline
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Project Excel

Reconnect to your Jewish roots and start again. Touring Israel, culture and beauty, while discovering the opportunities for growth.

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Village Leadership Expedition (VLE)

VLE is a behavioral based wilderness survival Program. Students learn how to survive and how to cope with challenge. Most importantly, they learn what they are truly capable of.

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Law Enforcement Assistance Division (LEAD)

Areivim works closely with the Law Enforcement community. This enables us to act as your liaison and offer support and guidance in a time of need.

Camp Gavriel

A one month road trip across America. Exploring ourselves and building relationships that last a lifetime. Change your life in just a few short weeks!